The Great Green Wall

In the Gobi desert within Doulun County where Mongolia meets China, they are building another wall, but this time it’s living and breathing. The Great Green Wall of China is a planting of thousands of trees along the dry rim of the Gobi desert acting as a verdant wall of life. The County is hoping this will help improve climate conditions by cooling the area and increasing precipitation to suppress the sand while, creating a huge windbreak against massive sand storms that have become a great concern due to the frequent occurrence of these storms moving into the heavily populated city of Beijing. This same method is being used in other climate project around the globe.

great green wall of china

A 4,300 mile long and 9 mile wide green wall of trees is being planted across the Sahara desert of Africa. When complete this wall will span the entire width of the continent and encompass 11 African Nations who have committed to participate in the Great Green Wall Initiative (GGW). With the highlight of these two projects, communities can see how by spanning together on large scale environmental concerns, viable solutions are possible that have a model base derived from nature. Edges between two ecosystem, like the desert and the man made forest line, provide the most ecological diversity which results in a resilience to weathering climate extremes, predicted that humans encourage and enhance this system not destroy or degrade it over time.



Province ready to tackle recovery effort in flooded Alberta communities


Note sure why this isn’t getting more media coverage, the water will eventually run across the Boarder into US communities as well. Don’t you think we should be preparing and planing in advance?

Originally posted on Global News:

EDMONTON- As 25 Alberta communities remain under a local state of emergency Saturday, the province says it will provide all resources necessary to deal with the flood situation.

“We have, probably, an unprecedented situation; a disaster that is widespread, that is extensive, that is deep,” Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths said Saturday morning.

“The Provincial Operations Centre is at operation level 4, that’s the highest level and it obviously completely fits the situation that we face,” added Colin Lloyd, managing director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. “Clearly, this is an overwhelming event.”

But while the province responds to the emergency situation, it is already planning for the next step — recovery and rebuilding.

“The nature of the response that comes from the Provincial Operations Centre and the Government of Alberta… is going to be very unique,” Griffiths explained. “We know that there is not one solution for every community.”

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Barack Obama

Obama says he’ll unveil climate plan in speech Tuesday


We’ll see what kind of plan the President has in store for our future generations and what will be left behind for them.

Originally posted on Global News:

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says he’ll unveil a national plan to combat climate change in a speech Tuesday.

Obama says in an online video the White House released Saturday that he’ll lay out his vision for reducing carbon pollution, preparing the U.S. for the effects of climate change and leading other nations in the global effort.

Obama’s speech Tuesday afternoon at Georgetown University will come the day before he leaves for a weeklong trip to three African nations.
“There’s no single step that can reverse the effects of climate change,” Obama says in the video. “But when it comes to the world we leave our children, we owe it to them to do what we can.”

He says scientists must design new fuels and energy sources, and workers must prepare for a clean energy economy.

Obama isn’t saying what specifics he’ll lay out. But White House aides have suggested…

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Audubon!

Originally posted on Serenity Spell:

A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.

As I grew up I was fervently desirous of becoming acquainted with Nature.

But hopes are Shy Birds flying at a great distance seldom reached by the best of Guns. —John James Audubon

Happy birthday to one of the most intriguing figures of history, the French-American ornithologist, conservationist, naturalist, and painter. John James Audubon — a man whose influence is keenly felt to this day — documented countless American birds in his gorgeous and brilliant drawings. His masterpiece — the enormous (-sized) color-plate book, The Birds of America (1827–1839), is widely considered to be the finest ornithological and artistic works ever created.

Thank you, sir, and happy birthday!

Audubon, Great Egret, 1821
Audubon, Great Egret, 1821
Great Egret in Breeding Plumage, Florida Wetlands
Great Egret in Breeding Plumage, Florida Wetlands
Audubon, Louisiana Heron (Tricolored Heron) Audubon, Louisiana Heron…

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New clean fuel standards will cut pollution and reduce health impacts, especially for at-risk populations near busy roads

Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:

EPA to hold hearings on Tier 3 standards

New York City smog.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — With more and more studies showing that tailpipe pollution from cars and trucks is linked to serious chronic illnesses, conservation groups hailed last week’s EPA announcement on new standards to reduce soot, smog and other dangerous emissions.“The new Tier 3 standards will make our cars cleaner, and that means we’ll have cleaner air to breathe,” said Mark MacLeod, of the Environmental Defense Fund.

“Reducing tailpipe pollution will provide healthier, longer lives for millions of Americans for less than a penny per gallon of gas. That’s why updating the standards has such broad support from U.S. auto makers, state health commissioners, and health advocates,” MacLeod said.

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David Suzuki is bringing up the issue of transcending market culture by calling for constitutional rights of the environment .

Originally posted on Financial Post | Opinion:


Putting nature in the constitution helps the environment

David Suzuki is an award-winning scientist, not an economist, but he recently called on Canada to consider innovative environmental policy ideas adopted in Ecuador and Bolivia. Peter Foster’s response to Suzuki’s proposals for a more sustainable Canada displayed an ignorance of both economic and environmental reality.

At the heart of Foster’s essay are several economic theories that have been debunked by reams of empirical evidence.

First, Foster claims that rich countries are better environmental stewards than poor countries. The widely cited Environmental Performance Index published annually by Yale and Columbia universities in collaboration with the World Economic Forum show this claim to be false. Foster’s attack on Ecuador is undermined by the fact that Ecuador sits in 31st place, ahead of Canada (37th) and the United States (49th). Four other relatively poor Latin American nations outperform Canada, including Costa Rica, Brazil…

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The Journey of an Environmental Entrepreneur


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