ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGETICS is a leading provider of environmental consulting services and sustainability related services. We have been working with clients all over the world and in diverse industries sectors to help them to understand and manager their environmental commitments and responsibilities.

What We Do

The key sectors we provide our services to include hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, and education. Whether our clients are small business owners, cooperation, or schools, we always seek to bring the most cost-effective and impactful strategies for reducing energy, water, waste and carbon emissions, while maximizing the social well-being, and financial returns. From the initial assessment and strategic goal setting to the implementation phase, our clients are able to utilize ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGETICS’ extensive experience to ensure success.


 Who We Are

ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGETICS has been working with clients around the world on environmental and sustainability projects lead by our team of professionals having over 30 years of combined experience in Site Analysis, Energy Audits, Performance Benchmarking, Water Quality Monitoring, Waste Management and Recycling, Low Impact Development, Permitting and Regulatory Compliance, Urban Ecological Planning and Design, Sustainable Sourcing and Carbon Offsetting.


We worked with Environmental Energetics for their expertise in Environmental Planning and Management. As a world wide organization operating over 500 chapters in the US, The National Audubon Society requires its consultants/subcontractors to work on challenging scopes of work with limited time frames and budgets. Environmental Energetics has been successful in exceeding expectations by its quality services, responsiveness, solutions oriented project management, and strong communication.

National Audubon Society


Federally protected as a National Monument since 1908, this primeval forest is both refuge and outdoor attraction to more than 15 million visitors per year. We have consulted with Environmental Energetics on several of our environmental projects, their expertise and management have allowed us to achieve an 85% landfill diversion rate, 50% water reduction, 24% energy reduction and an 18% fleet fuel reduction. We have also been awarded Green Restaurant Certification with the help of Environmental Energetics services.

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