Hello 2013!

Well here I am sitting in front of the computer on New Year’s. I have just been on the most mind blowing information trip the past 5 days or so, which has followed being in Hana for more than a month now. I don’t want to rant or go into detail about the events that took place leading up to now. However, I would like to talk about setting the course for more wonderful events to take place in the future. A little manifesto of sorts comprised of ideas for this next cycle in life. The motivations and the intentions behind these wishes still have not wavered for me in this fast passed journey around the world that I have been on. The people who read this and understand where I am coming from will not have to question my motives and intentions for my narration in this message will settle the matter. I am going to talk about the future.  The future that is obtainable today, right now, at this moment. The whole concept of a future is just that a concept. So we obviously need to start thinking of some things for the future in order for them to happen. In this designing phase, it is the motives and intentions behind our thoughts that set the foundation to limitless possibilities in our world. While most of us are out this evening celebrating not being blown up in an apocalyptic Hollywood blockbuster scenario and the new year of 2013, I am designing and setting the patterns into what will lead into a new critical point in this next epoch of life. Setting good intentions in this design is crucial for the manifestations success. I am intending the best possible outcome for all life on the planet that demonstrates equality and fairness.

Humans have the ability to play with form which has been the clear distinction from the rest of the natural kingdom. With this gift, we have created a world based around extremes of duality. This has led to the obvious love and hate aspects that absorb our lives. We can move past this last century way of deconstructive thinking and begin to explore the infinite possibilities that are out there for us to play with. We have to start by taking a world view on how to conduct ourselves and treat one another given the accessibility of being so interconnected over the past decade. We can tackle our biggest issues while at the same time plan for the next century’s children. I won’t be imposing any personal ideologies but what I am proposing is both radical and progressive. Since we first need to conceptualize our world, the tools for designing this ethnosphere need to be calibrated and sharpened. These tools include: our moral compass, intuition, physical senses, compassion, and love. These are the fundamentals that have been creating the human world focused around cultures (techniques) for centuries. I think it is safe to say that it’s time for an upgrade in our culture. Upgrades are essential for this new way of life in the 21st century. We are all aware of the giant and fast changes that have taken place over the past 13 years without going into too much detail. We haven’t given ourselves the adequate amount of time for our culture to catch up to how we are living as a globalized society. Our upgrade needs to be a globalized culture of understanding.

When I say the way we are living I don’t mean what kind of car you drive or how much money you make a year or even if you live in a third world country or not. I am talking about the foundation that all of those concepts were founded on. Every person in the world is striving for” self-serving” gain in the material world and in many areas around the planet “self-surviving” from the political, economic and ecological stress people find themselves under because of this desire. We have been bread to be a populace of consumers. It is all about the individual. I and the other I: Me have been what is important. This model cannot work in the new paradigm. As mentioned above, we are all interconnected now. We can instantly communicate with each other around the world whenever we want. This ability will prove very beneficial in this cultural upgrade of understanding for we are in the information wave and we all need to click the download button to process this.

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