Bio-Logical Capital Hawaii

The following is an email I sent to Bio-Logical Capital Hawai’i back in July 2012. The reason I am sharing it is because the link I have posted on this page is a PDF Document explaining the overall mission and objective  the Company has for the properties it acquires in Hawai’i. It is important for us to pull away the corporate layers and green washing lingo that comes with proposed projects such as this and focus attention on the community members in these areas and how they are going to respond to Private Investment Development in their towns and what that really looks like.

To whom it may concern,

I have attached my resume for your review and look forward to the possibilities of working together on your Hawaiian projects.

A few years ago I had a strong vision to be a part of Hana, Maui’s sustainability efforts and initiated several projects within the local community. Without the adequate resources and financial support I was forced to temporarily abandon this life’s mission and goal to help develop Hana into a 100% self- sufficient community. I left behind an experimental site that I had invested in which I am happy to say has experienced wonderful success and prosperity since its development. This site encompasses diversified agriculture with sustainable stewardship methods and renewable energy technologies while at the same time providing income for the managers of the property. This was an open-source model that I was looking to develop and spread within the local community.

This introduction of  new agricultural crops, integrated land management, ecological design and social-economic structures  to Hana can be the first of many that would help improve the ethno-biosphere of our planet and its system for a universal model that has the potential for duplication in other communities around the world. My  main focus and intentions behind this project has been to be involved and educate the future generations to understand the importance of getting in touch with nature, growing our own food, and new methods for creative, critical, whole-systems  thinking which aids in their ability to be understanding of what’s needed in the future and reach those goals effectively. This ground work is essential for our survival and the survival for places like Hana to overcome its obstacles both now and in future.

I would consider working with you an honor and a privilege. Your understanding of what’s needed in order for future generations to survive is inspiring. I look forward to hearing back soon.


Stephen Joseph

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