Province ready to tackle recovery effort in flooded Alberta communities

Note sure why this isn’t getting more media coverage, the water will eventually run across the Boarder into US communities as well. Don’t you think we should be preparing and planing in advance?

Global News

EDMONTON- As 25 Alberta communities remain under a local state of emergency Saturday, the province says it will provide all resources necessary to deal with the flood situation.

“We have, probably, an unprecedented situation; a disaster that is widespread, that is extensive, that is deep,” Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths said Saturday morning.

“The Provincial Operations Centre is at operation level 4, that’s the highest level and it obviously completely fits the situation that we face,” added Colin Lloyd, managing director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. “Clearly, this is an overwhelming event.”

But while the province responds to the emergency situation, it is already planning for the next step — recovery and rebuilding.

“The nature of the response that comes from the Provincial Operations Centre and the Government of Alberta… is going to be very unique,” Griffiths explained. “We know that there is not one solution for every community.”

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