The Great Green Wall

In the Gobi desert within Doulun County where Mongolia meets China, they are building another wall, but this time it’s living and breathing. The Great Green Wall of China is a planting of thousands of trees along the dry rim of the Gobi desert acting as a verdant wall of life. The County is hoping this will help improve climate conditions by cooling the area and increasing precipitation to suppress the sand while, creating a huge windbreak against massive sand storms that have become a great concern due to the frequent occurrence of these storms moving into the heavily populated city of Beijing. This same method is being used in other climate project around the globe.

great green wall of china

A 4,300 mile long and 9 mile wide green wall of trees is being planted across the Sahara desert of Africa. When complete this wall will span the entire width of the continent and encompass 11 African Nations who have committed to participate in the Great Green Wall Initiative (GGW). With the highlight of these two projects, communities can see how by spanning together on large scale environmental concerns, viable solutions are possible that have a model base derived from nature. Edges between two ecosystem, like the desert and the man made forest line, provide the most ecological diversity which results in a resilience to weathering climate extremes, predicted that humans encourage and enhance this system not destroy or degrade it over time.


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