Internal Bliss From Vibrations

When we examine the way we perceive life, we realise that our life starts from a ‘Thought’ and then proceeds towards thinking. As soon as we enact these thoughts we experience the fruition of our actions. So we can say that thought is the Root and the final action is the Fruit.

Our very life always revolves around and changes constantly from the former to the latter. So in our Tree of Life, between the Roots and the Fruits lie the trunk, branches, leaves, buds and flowers. These are our various thought processes—good, bad, worrisome, troublesome, irksome, beautiful and benign thoughts. This group of thoughts, in short, is called the Mind. As are our thoughts and thinking, so is our Mind. As is our Mind, so is our Life.

It also consists of feelings and emotions which are called the Manas or Spiritual Heart. Due to our prana—vital air or the process of breathing—the spiritual heart is connected to the Mind, ie. feelings and emotions are linked with the power of thinking or thoughts. This connectivity generates more thinking and thoughts thereby making our life feeling and emotion-based as well. Our life thus becomes Mind-based. Now the Mind also happens to be the gateway to the brain which is the Seat of Intelligence or intellect also called Buddhi. So once again our life strongly reaffirms or reaffixes itself to Intelligence or Intellect, and our whole life revolves around our Mind and Intellect.

Together, they generate strong likes and dislikes (Raag and Dvesh) which create intense beliefs and disbeliefs in us. These lead us into love and hate relationships with our fellow humans and also with Divinity. When we understand this, it becomes clear that our life is based on Mind, level of intelligence, strong beliefs and disbeliefs right from birth to death.

Our saints and seers have clearly proved and established that we are a part of the Supreme Spirit—the Creator. This link with our divine source has to be firmly established. For this we have to form our life around our Supreme Spirit (Parama), also known as the Soul (Atman). This is called spirituality or spiritual living. Soul means “spandana” —vibrations.

All this shows us that our life should be restructured from being thinking based to being vibrations based. Just as an object vibrating at high speed does not allow even a single particle of dust to stick to it, the Vibrations of the Soul blow away residual and negative thoughts, beliefs and disbeliefs.

How can we convert our life from being thought-based to vibrations-based? It can be done by seeking the company of the holy and the wise, taking the blessings of venerated gurus and saints, attending satsanghs, reading and assimilating scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads, life sketches of accomplished men, meditation, chanting mantras (Japa), performing intense sadhana, following spiritual and divine traditions and more.

Then the mind, the intellect, beliefs and disbeliefs, likes and dislikes that have prevented the vibrations of the soul to be felt and experienced, recede to the background and a spontaneous ignition of soul’s energy is released. This brings out waves and waves of bliss without worries, problems, troubles and irksome situations plaguing us. We experience joyful, thoughtless states of peace and contentment. Our life is filled with laughter, banishing anxiety and fear. This joy also spills over into the lives of those around us. In short, we calibrate our life and celebrate forever.

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