Singapore Wins World Record with Tree House

Clad in a vegetative facade, a newly completed luxury tower is deemed as having the world’s largest vertical garden by Guinness World Records.
With what’s believed to be the world’s largest indoor living wall up and thriving in Quebec, the world’s largest vertical garden, has now been identified by the folks at Guinness World Records.
The honor goes to Tree House, a plant-clad condo tower rising 24-stories above Chestnut Ave. in Bukit Timah, a ritzy residential district and nature reserve in central Singapore.
Sporting visible vegetation and then some, the luxury building’s defining feature is a lush, plant-shrouded façade spanning 2,300 square meters — that’s nearly 25,000 square feet. By comparison, the aforementioned indoor project in Quebec rang in at a little over 2,000 square feet.
Tree House was completed in 2013 by City Developments Limited (CDL).
Although there’s not a ton of information out there concerning the horticultural nuts and bolts of the garden which CDL describes as a “vertical green lung” capable of “filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air,” it is expected that the residents of the 48 west-facing units directly insulated by the garden will collectively enjoy a 15 to 30 percent reduction in cooling costs.
All and all, when combined with a host of other energy-saving features incorporated in the building’s design such as motion-activated lights in hallways, heat-reducing windows, and efficient elevators, Tree House’s world record-holding vertical garden is expected to garner annual energy savings of over 2,400,000 kWh.

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