The Fundamental Aspects of Spirituality

Spirituality has various dimensions that seek to elucidate the term from different angles. Although it can be looked upon and addressed in various ways, one thing remains intact – that it is the most potent way to realize the purpose of our existence as humans and understand our relationship with the universe. Man and earth, man and universe, man and the environment are common aspects that are discussed in the realm of spirituality.

Having briefly comprehended what spirituality seeks to address, let us now delve into the various aspects of spirituality, aspects that go on to give the term concrete relevance to our existence. These aspects serve to address the question, “what is spirituality”, “why are we living” “what are we doing on this planet” and “what is our relationship with the universe”. The below mentioned aspects are to be understood and embraced by humans while taking the spiritual journey.


As we are aware, there are various forms of meditation that are practiced. While one begins with concentrating on breathing, over time, one focuses his/her mind on a single object or point. With meditation comes a profound spiritual awakening that concretely substantiates our purpose as humans. It forms the crux of our spiritual journey.

The Law of Attraction:

I’m sure many of us have heard this concept. But what exactly is the law of attraction? What does it seek to do ? It just stresses on the fact that we ourselves attract things that happen to us. In other words, it says that our own thoughts and actions are responsible for whatever happens to us. Understanding this law will unfailingly take us on the correct path of existence.

Thinking Positive:

Thinking positive can be hard, especially when things don’t quite happen the way we initially expected. But, with thinking positive, we will indubitably invite a lot of positivity in life. We will find ourselves in a life condition that will remain undefeated even in the face of adversities. In this case too, the law of attraction is applicable and valid.

The Science Connection:

Spirituality is closely related to science, a phenomenon that seems quite evident. This relationship highlights the fact that we are all energy and energy, in its many forms, is imperishable. This aspect suggests that life is eternal, for energy can neither be created nor destroyed and can only be transformed from one form to the other.

These points form the fundamental aspects of spirituality. Our spiritual journey would see an expansion if these points are understood and realized in the most deepest sense.

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