The Coherent Connection Between Spirituality & Science

The topic relating to the connection between science and spirituality has always attracted phenomenal attention and discussion. However, a concrete solution hasn’t been arrived at yet. We cannot deny the fact that we currently live in an era that gives precedence to science as far as those innumerable unsolved mysteries go.

The most fundamental topic of discussion in this regard is the human body and the mind. Going further in what seems like a mystery to science itself, the pineal gland’s ultimate function still remains unknown. This is where the connection between spirituality and science sprouts.


The pineal gland is the seat of the soul, they say. It is the gateway that beaks the barriers of science and highlights the spiritual world. Even when we die, the question of the connection between spirituality and science comes up.

A lot of people who’ve had near death experiences or been in a state of coma have described weird experiences. Science says that when a person dies, the quantum particles that form part of the soul merge with the universe. Moreover, science does not credibly deny the elevation of the soul from the body. Science associates the passing of the soul with the merging of quantum particles with the universe.

Given the fact that we are all energy and one of the most fundamental topic that defines science itself is energy, there doesn’t seem to be any disconnect, given the fact that spirituality speaks about higher energies, higher worlds and higher vibrations. While spirituality goes on to say that everything in the universe has a mystic relevance, science attests that the happenings are indeed, mystic, for science does not really have a credible or adequate elucidation to certain events that take place in the universe.

A lot of top scientists have actually chosen the path of spirituality and have accepted the relevance, going on to further endorse the fact that spirituality breeds a higher level of understanding.

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