Off-The-Grid Eco Cabin

If you’re yearning for a nature escape and completely unplug from the rest of the world, then a Cabin Drop XL might be just what’s needed. Cabin Drop XL was designed by the Spanish firm In-tenta which is focused primarily on providing sustainable designs for the modern world. The Cabin Drop XL can be dropped anywhere, for a completely independent, off-the-grid retreat with minimal environmental impact.


The Drop XL is a modular house, and measures 325 square feet. It is shaped like an oversized cylindrical tube, and looks a lot like something from a sci-fi movie. The entire structure is built in a factory and made out of wood, steel and glass. It is also designed in such a way as to make it completely removable after a retreat stay, meaning that it can be placed anywhere with a minimum impact on the environment. The tiny cabin’s base rests on adjustable steel legs, which minimizes the contact with the ground and makes it possible to position the cabin on uneven terrain.



The middle part of the cabin is taken up by the main living area, with a bed, table and chairs for lounging. One end of the cylindrical tube houses the bathroom which is equipped with a toilet, shower and sink. An external wooden deck can also be added to the front of the cabin to extend the amount of living space available.


The cabin features two large, fully operable bubble windows at either end of the cabin, which lets in plenty of light and provides natural ventilation. On the outside, the cabin is wrapped in a slotted wood façade, which works to regulate heat. There is also a skylight that runs the entire length of the home and provides all the needed daylighting. The cabin is also equipped with a rainwater recycling system, which works to harvest water for use within the cabin.


The entire cabin is, in fact, designed so that it brings the occupant into direct contact with the natural environment around them with as little impact on it as possible. The main reason these were designed and made is to cater to the emerging market of eco-tourism without sacrificing modern style and comfort.

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