Sustainable Living App Offers Bite-Sized, Actionable, Green Ideas & Challenges

This new green social network aims to help its users discover, adopt, and share the best sustainable living ideas, while inspiring them to take meaningful action on causes they support

The internet is full of articles with ideas for greening our lives, which is great for when you’ve got the time for sitting in front of the computer looking for tips about sustainability, but a new app wants to put actionable and collaborative challenges right at the tips of your fingers, no matter where you are.

Our personal sustainable living efforts can be augmented and amplified through our connected and networked digital ecosystem, and the new eEcosphere app and community leverages this in the hopes of building a better world, one action at a time.

It’s great if we can compost our food scraps instead of putting them down the disposal or into the trash, or give up plastic bags and disposable cups, but the impact of those actions can be much greater if we can share them with our friends and relations, perhaps inspiring them to each make a change in their own lives.

The app essentially ‘gamifies’ each person’s journey to going greener, and makes it easy to share specific actions and ideas with their friends via social media, including uploading pictures of sustainability actions they’ve adopted and completed. If using it can help people feel as if they’re becoming part of a bigger network of like-minded individuals, and feel as if they’re contributing to a larger green effort through the community as a whole, eEcosphere has potential.

Of course, it could be just another so-called green app, with lots of feel-good potential but little actual impact, but it could also potentially serve to increase local engagement and buy-in from people, and to help the green-curious commit to further sustainable living actions. Think Instagram meets personal tracker app, with a green twist.

In addition to helping people new to environmentally-minded lifestyles to adopt and take on specific, bite-sized sustainability challenges, the app also encourages its users to contribute to the lists of actionable ideas, and to further develop the ideas by adding resources and tips to help others adopt them. So eEcosphere is not just for those leaning to be green, but also for those who already have some background and practical experience in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

The free eEcosphere app is currently only for the iOS platform, and more information is available at the website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

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