Earth At Risk! We Have Exhausted Our Annual Ecological Budget

According to data from the Global Footprint Network, the global organization and partner of WWF that analyzes the evolution of the Ecological Footprint. Humanity has exhausted its annual ecological budget in less than 8 months. Today is the day that the Earth is overcapacity, and that marks the point at which our ecological footprint exceeds the planet’s capacity to regenerate what we have consumed. This date, which acts as an indicator of the rate at which we are “eating the planet “, ever occurs earlier. In 2000 the day was October 1, and this year we are already on August 19.

The current consumption levels have skyrocketed and are completely out of sustainable limits and now we need a planet and a half to supply the consumption needs of humanity. If we maintain this trend, we will need at least 3 planets to meet our demand in 2050.

As pointed out by Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, “nature is the basis of our welfare and prosperity, but we are abusing the Earth’s limited resources.” And he added: “If we want to build a future for our children, we must preserve the natural capital that we have, managing the resources of the planet in a sustainable manner.”

Video: Sustainability explained through animation.

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