Take a Stand Against Factory Farming by Signing the 4F Pledge

A new campaign launched by the Organic Consumers Association strives to educate people about the evils of factory farming and encourages them to refuse to eat those products.

Every time you order food at a restaurant or buy meat, dairy, and eggs to eat at home, you make a decision that goes far beyond what you feel like eating. The majority of U.S. meat and animal products come from factory farms, so by choosing to consume those food products, you end up supporting an industry that plays a major role in pollution, animal cruelty, and global warming. In addition, you fatten Monsanto’s bottom line, since 90 percent of non-organic animal feed comes from crops that are genetically engineered to withstand massive amounts of toxic herbicides.

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) wants people to start paying closer attention to where their food comes from and to take a strong stand against factory farms. Recently the OCA launched a new campaign called “Factory Farm Free Friday,” a sort of political counterpart to Meatless Monday that also strives to lessen the impact of the human diet on our struggling planet. By signing on to the OCA’s “4F Pledge,” you will pledge the following:

  • Beginning this Friday, and every Friday after, to boycott all meat, dairy, and eggs produced on factory farms
  • To source all ingredients from organic and sustainable consumers
  • To ask in restaurants where animals products come from and to go vegan if answers are unsatisfactory

The 4F Pledge is a great way for non-vegan individuals to get involved and to start thinking about the source of the animal products they consume. Sign up today and start making a difference.

One thought on “Take a Stand Against Factory Farming by Signing the 4F Pledge

  1. Thank you, I eat meat, but plan to do this on Fridays and Mondays-we all need to be more aware of where our food comes from and the impact of our choices!

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