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Help Support FREE Education!

Environmental Energetics is offering a FREE Online Eco-Design Certificate Course to students from around the world. We are looking to develop a comprehensive Video Series that will accompany the course WorkBook which will be used as an essential tool and guide for this FREE educational experience. Your contribution will go towards the production and editing of this educational Video Series needed for the FREE course.

We Need Your Help!

With your pledge we will be able to produce 12 Episodes in this Video Seriesfor our FREE Online Eco-Design Certificate Course which covers topics such as: Sustainability | Design | Shelter | Energy & Materials | Water | Food | Soil | Environmental Ethics | Building Resilient Communities.

This Video Series, once completed, will be paired with our FREE courseWorkBook which is already available with over 400 pages of detailed content and images related to ecological design and sustainability. Here is a FREE digital download of the course WorkBook for you to view:

This Material is Essential & We Need Your Donation Support!

This is a 100% FREE Online Certificate Course for students that might not otherwise be able to afford this material and gain the valuable knowledge needed to help transform their environment and the larger world as a whole.

Here is what one student had to say about participating in the FREE Course:

“My name is Amin Ullah Kakar, I am from Pakistan, so glad to be a participant of the course. I am a social worker/volunteer of the ‘Youth and Gender Development Network’ a Social youth led local Organization here in Pakistan. I am really concerned about my Society, Nature and Global Climate, and really interested in learning and understanding the Environment, as I live in a large populated and least educated, developing country, we are facing many Environmental troubles like Drought, air pollution, lake of clean drinking water, lake of fresh air, illegal logging of natural Forests, etc.

My expectations from this course would be: To expand my knowledge; To develop, enhance my skills and qualities; To learn more from you and other activists/participants; To share ideas; To contribute to the Globe; To build a Global Environmental Community; To build networking/relationship between the activists at National & International Level; To expand my passion and to strengthen my wisdom.”

Help Support our Mission!

Environmental Energetics is an educational media platform that touches on topics such as: Environmental Justice, Sustainability, Ecological Design, Permaculture Design, Resilient Community Building, Social Equality and Human Consciousness. We are not for profit and look to spread awareness through our FREE educational courses, media website and social media platforms.

Click here to make a donation today.

We Thank You For Your Support!

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