Canada Won’t Be Following U.S. in Labelling GMO Food Products

A plan to label all genetically modified food products in the U.S. won’t be applied in Canada.

Companies planning to voluntarily label products in the U.S. containing genetically modified ingredients aren’t going to follow suit in Canada.

Health Canada does not require labelling on genetically modified food because the items have been assessed for safety and nutritional adequacy. Before selling or advertising a genetically modified food in Canada, manufacturers and importers must submit data to Health Canada for a safety assessment, which takes years to complete, the agency says on its website.

Food giant General Mills Inc. said earlier this month that it would start nationwide labelling in the U.S. on products that contain genetically modified ingredients to comply with a law that takes effect in Vermont on July 1. The company said it’s not practical to do separate labelling for just one state.

Campbell Soup Co. said it is also printing new national labels in preparation for Vermont’s law, although it opposes state-by-state labelling requirements.

But they and several other international food companies have no plans to change their labelling practices in Canada.

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