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ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGETICS: FREE Online Eco-Design Certificate Course

The FREE Online Eco-Design Certificate Course is based around your schedule and time availability and is 100% completely FREE. Course material will be provided to you along with lesson plan assignments that are to be completed for certification at no extra cost.

Topics covered during the FREE Online Ecological Design Certificate Course include:

Ecological Design

An approach for human settlement and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in nature. Forms of design that minimize environmentally destructive impacts by integrating themselves within living processes and linking all design fields together.

  • Design– whole systems thinking, site analysis, sustainable techniques, defining the human/environmental needs and requirements for a site
  • Shelter– design, materials, function ( designing a living breathing structure), methods and layout
  • Energy & Materials– site analysis, zones and sectors, harnessing the natural phenomenon (sun, water & wind)
  • Water– hydrology, water in the landscape, capturing and storing, security and quality
  • Food– remediation of natural ecological systems, permaculture design methods, keyline agriculture, biodinamics and organic farming
  • Soil– different types of soil, understanding the bio-communication and microorganisms, mycelium and the distribution of nutrients, growing soil, composting, sheet-mulching
  • Education– open source and free information, experiential learning, collaborative learning
  • Ethics for a next century perspective – appropriate technology, equality, re-empowering environmental values, equitable distribution of resources, cybernetic systems (human ethnospher working with the biosphere)
  • Community– Resourced based economy, resiliency building, redundant fail safe systems, bio-regional planning, bringing back the commons

The FREE Online Ecological Design Certificate Course is accompanied with a WorkBook that details and illustrates the lessons and assignment topics covered throughout the training.

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