Soil is our material link to the natural world. We depend on it for our food, for filtering our water, and for creating healthy biodiversity. Waste generation is a major factor when it comes to healthy soils. As our population increases so does the amount of waste. 2.12 Billion tonnes of waste is generated a year globally. In addition to the amount of waste we send to landfills, there’s over 82,281 synthetic chemicals that enter into the environment every day and have a devastating effect on the ecosystems they get released into.

Environmental Energetics works with clients to reduce their environmental impact on the land by developing a comprehensive and effective waste management strategy that focuses on key areas for achieving a zero-waste business. Our team of professions works with clients to foster Public and Private-Partnership for waste management programs within the communities they operate in.

Our clients have achieved requirement goals, compliance goals, and individual goals with reducing their overall waste generation and increasing their landfill diversion rate.


No soil, no sustenance

In addition, Environmental Energetics offers management services for establishing company wide recycling programs, composting programs, waste sorting procedures, hazardous materials procedure, integrated pest management programs, and chemical FREE product criteria.

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